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    Ceramic Fiber Products' Performance & Features​:


    Ceramic Fiber Products' Performance & Features:

    Temperature resistance: 800-1200

    Product specifications: 2*2mm--100*100mm [special shape can be customized]


    Function:  Light weight, High temperature resistance, Small heat capacity, Good thermal insulation performance, High temperature thermal insulation performance, Non-toxic and other advantages.


    Ceramic fiber is suitable for high temperature and high pressure machines, pumps, and valve sealing equipment, metal processing, boiler, High-temperature furnace doors. It can be widely used in chemicals, electricity, paper, food, Pharmaceutical and other industry: clean fluid or slurry, salt water, emulsion, grease, hydrocarbon, solvent, pulp.


    Product Features:

    1. Light weight

    2. High temperature resistance

    3. Small heat capacity

    4. Good thermal insulation performance

    5. Good high temperature insulation performance

    6. Non-toxic